Anna Kasten
Artist Statment

To make a long story short, things that touch me never leave me untouched. With the result that, as an artist, I drift between different worlds.

Sound - Video - Mixed Media

In my art works, using the technology available, I dare to redefine electronic measuring units. This approach is based on a preoccupation with music. I find it fascinating to harmonize sounds or to put order into chaos by means of improvisation. This resembles the process of weaving. Thus, in addition to the pictures, I create musical pieces that function like delicate fabrics of sounds.

Or complying with mainstream standards for song structures in order not to make excessive demands on listening habits

In one piece it states: »I have tried to write a linking comment«. This more or less reflects the concept of my entire work. Be it live performance, PictureSoundMovie, or panel.

Seemingly different themes describe the layering of materiality to create an aura in a strictly technological way. The illusion is intended, since it draws the attention to the essentials and evokes the viewers′ emotions.

Everything is about a moment of something beautiful, which, in reverse, annuls itself. In this, there is a moment open to question, which can be looked at from different perspectives. The ultimate intention is to extract the essence of a constructed world, the creative act of rearranging visual and acoustic impressions.

The raw materials I use for my art works are completely digitalized photographs, the pictorial elements of which I bring out - in contrast to a painting after a photograph.

Through rearrangement and setting highlights in coloring, as well as the application of filters, detailed depictions of nature are set back.

This way, I break and (de)construct shapes for new possibilities within the picture. Unlike Rebecca Horn′s »depicting the soul of technology«, I reverse this statement and use the computer in order to expose situations, not to support Kubrick′s gloomy vision of »2001«, but to tame it by means of the computer.